Shiva Samhita beskriver at det er 350 000 nadier.

Andre skrifter, f.eks. “The Science of Breath and the Philosophy of the Tattvas; Natures Finer Forces”, beskriver følgende: “From the heart (ramify the) Nadis. Of these here are 101 principal ones (Pradhâna Nâdis). Each of these branches into 100; each of these again into 72.000. Thus there are 10.100 branch Nâdis and 727 200 000 still smaller ones, what are called Twig-Nadis. The terminology is imitated from a tree. The root is the heart. From this proceeds various stems. These ramify into branch-vessels and there again into twig-vessels; all these Nadis put together are 727 210 201”.

😅 – litt overveldende 😉

Stay tuned; more to come; Anita