Workshop: Ayurveda for health and peace of mind – med Roar Ramesh Bjønnes

Urter brukt i Chai – bilde er fra Prama Wellness Center

Do you know your unique energy-print?
According to Ayurveda, each person has a particular pattern of energy – a combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. This is your own constitution.

In this workshop, you will learn how Ayurveda determines our constitution and how to keep it in better balance.

Knowledge of Ayurveda enables us to restore balance of body, mind, and consciousness according to our own individual constitution. Ayurveda also teaches us to make lifestyle changes to bring about and maintain this dynamic balance.

Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences. Together, they are more than physical exercises and bodily healing systems. Both classical yoga and Ayurveda help us to heal our bodies, free our minds, and to liberate our souls.

In this workshop, you will learn the basic worldview and lifestyle principles of Ayurvedic yoga and how this knowledge can be used for both self-healing and self-realization.

Date: August 27th, 9 am – 4 pm, lunch 12 – 13 pm. You bring your own lunch or you can visit one of many cafés in the area.
Where: Kirkegaten 1 – 3, 0153 Oslo (Norsk Taiji senter)
Price: NOK 1.875
Påmelding: Klikk her. Det er kun mulig å melde seg på hele workshopen.
Påmeldingsfrist: 29. juli 2022. Vi forbeholder oss retten til å avlyse dersom det er for få påmeldte. Innbetalt kursbeløp vil bli refundert i sin helhet.
Teacher: Roar Ramesh Bjønnes.
Roar is yogi, author, trainer and Ayurvedic, naturopathic lifestyle coach.
He is originally Norwegian and has lived in the United States for many years. He teaches primarily in English.
He co-founded in 2007, and is now the director of, the Prama Wellness Center near Asheville, North Carolina.
At Prama, Roar conducts wellness retreats and workshops with the focus on a lifestyle of yoga, meditation and plant-based food as our best medicine.
In his work Roar mixes the complex wisdom of Ayurveda with the simple and direct methods of naturopathy, for example, by creating cleansing and fasting programs using various juices and herbs.
Personal consultation with Roar will be available on Sunday August 28th. We will inform more about this when we meet. Or you can contact Anita at
What to bring: Pen & paper, yogamat, a thermo cup/coffee cup as we will serve tea.
The workshop will be conducted seated on the floor, yoga style 😉

Program for morning session – August 27th 9 – 12 am.

  • Basic Ayurvedic and Yogic Principles:
    An introduction to the basic history, philosophy, and principles of Ayurveda and yoga called Samkhya and how to apply these principles in personal life.
  • Doshas and Gunas: How to Cultivate Our Unique Body and Mind Energies:
    Your dosha is your own unique energy print. Learn the basic dosha theory and how we can, through the use of herbs, food and yoga practices, reduce stress and create better health. The gunas are energy patterns in nature and choosing food and lifestyle habits accordingly will help create peace, dynamism, and stability in life.
  • The Seven Agnis:
    Learn about the seven agnis and how to cultivate their inner fire through agni yoga.

Program for afternoon session – August 27th 13 – 16 pm.

  • Digestion and Immunity for Health and Longevity:
    A good digestion is key to vitality and a strong immune system, which again are key to good health. You will learn about various foods and herbs to improve digestion.  
  • Cleansing and Rejuvenating Body and Mind:
    Cleansing and rejuvenation are both needed for good health. Certain juices, foods, and herbs are great tools for cleansing and certain foods and herbs are great for rejuvenation. You will learn about both.
  • Food for Yoga and Meditation:
    You will learn about foods that can increase both health and peace of mind according to the knowledge of the yogic and Ayurvedic sages. Roar will show you how to make juices and smoothies based on Ayurvedic herbs for the Norwegian climate.
  • Herbs for Yoga and Meditation:
    You will learn about certain herbs that are great for improving concentration and peace of mind in meditation.
  • Meditation practice for self-realization:
    Traditional mantra meditation is yoga’s main practice for self-realization. You will learn an effective meditation technique to help clear subconscious impulses and to gain more inner peace.

A very warm welcome; Roar & Anita

Alle bilder er fra Roars Ayurveda kurs på Prama Wellness Center, som også står for matlagning, juicer og te.
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